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I had a nasty fall resulting in major back pain. I went to the doctor only to receive pain medication. I continued to have pain 6 weeks later and no relief with the pain medication. I was introduced to the PSTIM device by my doctor. I was a bit skeptical but was willing to try anything to alleviate my back pain. The procedure was quick and painless. After my first session I could not believe how much my pain had diminished. I could not be happier!
-Laura G.

I want to say that the PSTIM treatment has significantly healed constant neck and back pain that I have had for years. Although movement therapy and chiropractics helped me previously, nothing has reduced the pain more than the PSTIM treatment. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from constant neck and back pain.
–Alisa M.

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If you find that you cannot control your pain with over-the-counter medications, or have failed to find relief from other treatments, then P-STIM™ may be right for you.

P-STIM™ can treat and/or eliminate your pain, allowing you to regain function, thereby improving your quality of life.


  • The P-STIM™ is a patented, FDA approved miniaturized electro-stimulation device that operates on the principle of auricular (ear) nerve stimulation.
  • The P-STIM™ device provides a continuous flow of intermittent, low frequency electrical pulses to specific peripheral nerves with end locations in the ear relieving many types of acute and chronic pain. These pulses block afferent nerve pathways, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar nerve root origins.
  • Stimulation with the periodic signals can take place over four days, alternating three hours of stimulation with three hours of rest.
  • Depending on the level and length of a patient’s pain, PSTIM may be placed up to nine sessions a week apart, with increasing pain relief throughout the series of treatments. P-STIM™ may also be used for post operative pain management and other symptom specific treatments.

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